Little River – Wide Spot in the Road with Lots to See and Do
—Posted Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 at 11:25 am—
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Photo courtesy of Liquid Fusion Kayaking.

Photo courtesy of Liquid Fusion Kayaking.

Little River, California is officially classified not as a town, city or village, but a designated “census” area with a year-around population of about 120 souls.

Like they say, however, good things come in small packages. And that couldn’t be more true for Little River, little more than a wide spot int he road, two miles south of Mendocino Village, where you’ve got great lodging and food, hiking, ocean kayaking, beach walks, state parks, abalone diving, wildlife viewing, camping and much more.

Take lodging, for example: great choices abound. Two of the most popular:  the bed and breakfast Inns of Glendeven, including the Inn at Cobbler’s Cove and vacation rentals with access to the ocean and state park, and the Little River Inn.

Sea Kayaking: Kayak Mendocino and Liquid Fusion Kayaking. If you were looking for something more “gentle” than the kayaking surfing, both companies offer easy paddles on flat, glassy seas. Liquid Fusion offers quiet river paddles.

Beach Walks: the Spring Ranch unit of Van Damme State Park and the beach at the entrance to the state park.

Hikes: Van Damme State Park: campground trail and the pygmy forest.

Food: Little River Inn, Wild Fish and Glendeven Private Chef dinners.

Go ahead, explore on our own.




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