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Rhododendrons Ablaze at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens
—Posted Tuesday, April 12th, 2016 at 3:07 am—

IMG_1551If you are a flower photographer, gardener, or just love nature’s beauty, the Rhododendrons in bloom (now through June) at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens (Highway 1 mile south of Fort Bragg) are a must-see.

According to the Garden’s website, “As of 2013, the MCBG collection includes over 125 species of rhododendrons and more than 190 cultivars, many of them developed by the region’s prolific, enthusiastic, and generous rhododendron growers. Over 1,000 Rhododendrons can be seen blooming throughout the Gardens from early spring until June.”

You also won’t want to miss the 39th Annual John Druecker Rhododendron Show May 7 and 8.

Since the gardens encompasses 47-acre from Highway 1 to the Pacific Ocean, you may want to loop out to the ocean for great views — and a little exercise.


Mendocino Area Parks Association Schedules Progressive Dinner May 7
—Posted Saturday, April 9th, 2016 at 3:41 am—
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Photo courtesy of MAPA.

Photo courtesy of MAPA.

Each year, MAPA (Mendocino Area Parks Association), holds a progressive dinner in Mendocino Village to raise money for its volunteer support projects for California State Parks located in Mendocino County. Both the food and cause are wonderful.

As MAPA’s website points out:

“It is your opportunity to take a spring evening stroll down Main St. Mendocino. Each course of this gourmet experience is served at a separate historic venue – all within walking distance. Fine wines from Mendocino County are paired with each course. Click here to see the menu.

For tickets visit The cost is $75 per person.


Point Arena Lighthouse a Photographer’s Dream
—Posted Thursday, April 7th, 2016 at 3:31 am—
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Rocks at the left look like rusty WWII planes rising from the sea.

Rocks at the left look like rusty WWII planes rising from the sea.

Point Arena Lighthouse, in Point Arena California, just 15 minutes north of Sea Ranch and an hour south of Mendocino, is an ideal setting for photo lovers.

Professional photographers and amateurs will find plenty of scenes to capture here.

The original Fresnel (frey-nel) Lens no longer operates. But you can see this impressive, 8-foot-high lens, in the visitor center. The lens is so impressive that you could burn up a lot of pixels and selfies making photos of the beautiful glass.

The lighthouse structure itself is still in use. You are allowed to climb up into the lantern room and look out to sea (another great photo op).

Wandering along Lighthouse Road will give you plenty of memorable views. And, don’t forget to bring a picnic lunch. Or, stop by the Rollerville

Cafe at Highway 1 and Lighthouse Road.

Walk at the Stornetta section of the Calif. Coastal National Monument yields great photos.

Walk at the Stornetta section of the Calif. Coastal National Monument yields great photos.

Also, adjacent to the lighthouse is the Stornetta Public Lands, part of the California Coastal National Monument. If you walk about 3/4 of a mile along the cliff trails, you will cross a small creek. Cross the creek (if it appears you can safely) and head toward a group of single-story houses. From the bluff just before the houses, look back at the ocean and you will see a spectacular waterfall pouring into the ocean (could be drive in late summer).

Go forth with your camera and enjoy the views.

Little River – Wide Spot in the Road with Lots to See and Do
—Posted Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 at 11:25 am—
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Photo courtesy of Liquid Fusion Kayaking.

Photo courtesy of Liquid Fusion Kayaking.

Little River, California is officially classified not as a town, city or village, but a designated “census” area with a year-around population of about 120 souls.

Like they say, however, good things come in small packages. And that couldn’t be more true for Little River, little more than a wide spot int he road, two miles south of Mendocino Village, where you’ve got great lodging and food, hiking, ocean kayaking, beach walks, state parks, abalone diving, wildlife viewing, camping and much more.

Take lodging, for example: great choices abound. Two of the most popular:  the bed and breakfast Inns of Glendeven, including the Inn at Cobbler’s Cove and vacation rentals with access to the ocean and state park, and the Little River Inn.

Sea Kayaking: Kayak Mendocino and Liquid Fusion Kayaking. If you were looking for something more “gentle” than the kayaking surfing, both companies offer easy paddles on flat, glassy seas. Liquid Fusion offers quiet river paddles.

Beach Walks: the Spring Ranch unit of Van Damme State Park and the beach at the entrance to the state park.

Hikes: Van Damme State Park: campground trail and the pygmy forest.

Food: Little River Inn, Wild Fish and Glendeven Private Chef dinners.

Go ahead, explore on our own.




30th Annual Mendocino Music Festival
—Posted Friday, April 1st, 2016 at 3:22 am—
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Festival Concert Tent framed by flowers and topped with flags.

Festival Concert Tent framed by flowers and topped with flags.

One of the truly great events on the Mendocino Coast — in the Village of Mendocino — is the Mendocino Music Festival.

This year, on its 30th Anniversary, the Festival takes place July 9-23.

The range of talent is amazing: A Cappella, Americana/Folk, Beethoven, Big Band, Blues, Jazz,  piano series, Zydeco and much more. Over two weeks, the Festival will feature 26 different performances. The venues include the Tent Concert Hall and nearby Preston Hall, both on Main Street in the Village. Tickets, which start at $12 for most concerts, are already on sale. It’s never too early to get your tickets.

Shows, like Big Band, are always sold out early. For tickets, click here.






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